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Humble beginnings!

apolloradio.live was established by DJ Apollo during July 2016. Being a young, fresh, new and dynamic, Apollo decided to bring his DJ-sets to audiences across the globe. DJ Apollo is assisted by DJ Cody - and together they bring listeners the latest and hottest music on the airwaves!


To contribute to peace and brotherhood amongst all nations and to promote human rights in the global village. DJ Apollo and DJ Cody endeavours to broadcast content that unite rather than divide.

Vision and Philosophy

apolloradio.live Radio Station reaching and maintaining a large global audience and that the station can become a fully-fledged station generating enough revenue and sponsorships to sustain itself.

Target Audience

apolloradio.live radio station endeavours to entertain young internet users, irrespective of race, gender, creed, sexual orientation and/or religious background and being between the ages of 15 to 65 and older


While apolloradio.live predominantly broadcasts popular music, the radio station will also feature some news and magazine programmes in the near future.

We eagerly await suggestions from our listeners as to what genres of music they are eager to hear more of and what content they would like to hear.

Should you have a hot idea, please email us! We will surely acknowledge your contribution both online and on the air!

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 We are an LGBTQ-friendly Station!



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