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...apolloradio.live broadcast schedule uses Co-ordinated Universal Time  (UTC) as reference for broadcast times...


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apolloradio.live broadcasts the hottest music entertainment on the airwaves by far!


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 We are an LGBTQ-friendly Station!


Apollo Radio Live is an independent global Radio Station. No Fear - No Favor!

Apolloradio.live broadcasts various music genres such as House, Electro House,

Progressive House, Trance, Vocal Trance, PsyTrance, General Pop Music and the Current World Charts.

 We also broadcast 80s and 90s Music as published on our Broadcast Schedule.


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Apolloradio.live is a non-commercial non profit radio station surviving on donations from the public to promote the works of musicians. The broadcast occurs solely in cyberspace and  streaming does not  occur from a terrestrial base on planet earth.  Please make a donation to secure our survival  - even if its a small donation - all is highly appreciated!

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